Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YogATHLETE Testimonial

Shelly has been to every 6:30am Monday morning class so far and mentioned recently that she could feel the difference...

"I've been a regular runner for the last 15 years and a triathlete for the last 13. I did a few marathons last year and a few weeks ago I decided to sign up for my first ultra marathon 50K. After taking it relatively easy over the holidays, I've ramped up my training to 5 days per week with a weekend long run of 10+ miles. I intend to eventually build up to running 6 days a week with a weekly mileage of 50-65.

Even when training on softer trail surfaces, long training runs leave me with tightness in my shoulders and lower back and often in my joints as well. I started attending the YogATHLETES practice basically at the same time I started my 2011 training schedule. While other members of my running group have been complaining about muscle and joint pain, I've been able to fall back into my routine with virtually no soreness. I most definitely attribute this improved muscle and joint recovery to the inclusion of yoga practice in my training regimen, as it's the only change I've made. Plus Monday morning practice really puts me in the right frame of mind for the week!"

- Shelly Coppola

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